New Features

Introducing the Geolocator Tool: How Can I Help in My Area?

We have developed exciting new functionality for geolocation. Now you can tell supporters how to take an action right in their local community or region. The Geolocator can be used to bring up events or an organization's local chapters and offices based on proximity to the viewer, whether they are viewing on a computer or mobile device. Facilitate registration for a nearby event, direct them to a convenient donation drop-off, or inform them of their voter registration facility. A list of locations, events or other items you select appears in the Spark in order of proximity to the user.

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New Integrations for Convio Clients
New Events Integration with Convio TeamRaiser™
Now users can register for your events directly from the Spark. Our latest integration with Convio's TeamRaiser means users can sign up in fewer steps. The data they enter on the Spark is sent via API directly to your TeamRaiser database.
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Introducing the new self-service Spark Engine!

Build your own customized Sparks in under an hour.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our self-service platform: The Spark Engine. Now you can create a Spark on your own, and in no time! Our staff has managed to whip them up from scratch in under 15 minutes, a point of pride around the office. Now you can pull your own real-time metrics reports to see where your Sparks have been posted and how they're doing in all live locations (your site, partner sites, and relevant Facebook pages, blogs, ad networks, via mobile). And then you can update or swap out content for syndication across all Spark locations. This means Sparks just got cheaper. 

Spark Engine Menu Page

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Keep Up With Client Campaigns on our Gallery

Learn about our latest campaigns by visiting our Gallery. Click here for the latest Sparks and info on campaigns and performance!

Integrating Twitter

Twitter has successfully been integrated into the Spark.  Just add your Twitter handle. Easy peasy.  Tweet tweet.  Take a look on our Change: Actions  Tools page.

So what do you think? Shall we integrate as well?  


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