Consulting + Distribution

Strategic Pre-Production Planning

Who is your audience?

Who else is trying to reach them?

How will your content be different?
What do you want people to do after watching your video? 

Our strategic whiteboard sessions can help you gain clarity on your campaign goals and strategy before you spend money on production.

Finding and Engaging Early Adopters

We can help you discover who your brand advocates and early adopters are, and the best next steps to engage them.  These supporters are crucial for launching any online campaign.  Studies have shown that reaching one key influencer is as effective as reaching over 1,000 normal Facebook users.

Data-Driven Real-Time Campaign Optimizing

You have launched your campaign and people are responding to it online, hooray! You now have direct access to detailed metrics data on how and where people interact with your Spark. But how do you make that data meaningful?

We'll help translate your metrics into clear and concrete takeaways, so you can make decisions and fine-tune your ongoing campaign.


We then take a deeper dive into your campaign metrics for meaningful insights. Contextual data reporting offers a more detailed view into activity patterns tracked by time and location, giving depth and nuance to campaign analysis.

We can also help identify new trends and brand advocates you may not have known existed.  Assessing your metrics is hugely valuable for maximizing your existing campaign, better understanding your online audience, and ultimately in guiding strategy for future campaigns.