Basic Tips for Seeding your Spark Widget

Working in the Spark Engine

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Every organization has different outlets, networks and alliances. Here are some tips to help inspire your network with a Spark widget.

Feature your Spark

Place your widget on your homepage or it’s own landing page. Be sure to promote it on other pages within your site via images and links. Wherever it lives, make it easy to find via multiple pathways. Provide it to any press outlets- use as a clickable image.

Tell people

Include your Spark in your newsletter campaigns. A jpeg clickable to the live Spark is an easy way to activate people. Do the same in your blogs. Use teasers in advance of its release. Ask staff members to share the blog widely on their own networks. 

Ask supporters to take specific action

Always include a directive wherever you place your Spark. People are more likely to use an online tool if they are told what to do. Be clear and concise:

  • “Click “share” and post to Facebook and other networks.”
  • “Click on play to watch exclusive footage, then sign the pledge!”
  • “Help us by clicking…”

Involve your campaign partners

This includes other organizations, corporate sponsors, your vendors, any event locations, and so on. Think big and broad. Give them the Spark and a blurb, and encourage them to post it in their newsletters and more. Why not co-brand a widget for a specific campaign to feature in their materials? You can always find the embed code in the top right of any Spark. 

Connect with Bloggers

Who has blogged about your organization or issues related to your mission lately? How about a thank you for the coverage combined with a request for them to post your widget and write about it? Use Google alerts to help you identify the players. Remember we can help with this if you like. Our consultants have years of developed expertise in identifying appropriate influences and engaging them effectively. Contact us for more information.

Include in Press Releases

Include in Press Releases: Include the spark in any PR outreach as well as the embed code to anyone you are reaching out to in the hopes of coverage. Inform recipients it is as easy to use as a YouTube video.

Inform Your Evangelizers

Who started a Cause for you on Facebook to massive effect? Who created a fundraising widget for your organization on Network for Good or Tell them about your new Spark.


Tweet about your Spark with a link leading to it. Ask your supporters to tweet too- especially your celebrity supporters. Thanks @oprah and @andersoncooper! Tweet a public thanks to those who’ve shared it.

Secondary Fans

Does your campaign or event feature a celebrated artist or sports personality? Ask them to put the widget on their websites and put the widget in their fans’ hands and see what happens.

Levaraging Facebook

Facebook. Just click the Facebook icon at top right in your Spark. A new page will open. Log in if you haven’t.

Choose to post to your own timeline or to your page’s from the dropdown at left.


Make sure to choose the highest possible visibility for your post at top right.

Write an attention-grabbing message spurring users to take action, then, share!