Campaign Metrics

Automated Metrics Reports

The self-service Spark Engine allows you to run real-time reports for each campaign, so you can access metrics data for the Spark while your campaign is in progress and historical data after the fact. Automated reports provide detailed information on loads, uniques, % of video views, clicks, shares and more.


Contextual Metrics Reporting

As a consulting service, we offer additional in-depth analysis of your campaign metrics. Comprehensive metrics reporting provides two kinds of insight into online activity:

  • The usual: number of uniques, loads, clicks, % of video viewed, etc.
  • The exceptional: what happened in each location where the Spark is posted.

A more nuanced view into your metrics brings a greater understanding of how best to make use of your data, both during the campaign and for future campaign strategy, as well as valuable insight into new supporter sites and blogs that have posted or shared your Spark. For more information, visit our Consulting & Distribution page here.