How to Use Online Video to Gain New Supporters

Aiden Livingston of Call2Action wrote this article for
How to Use Online Video to Gain New Supporters.

Online video is the most powerful tool out there for gaining new supporters, yet it is also the most under-utilized. Often busy campaign managers are reluctant to learn the nuances of video campaign strategy and end up avoiding the topic altogether. It’s like having a Ferrari in your garage but not driving it because you can’t be bothered to learn to use a stick shift.

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Mashable calls us out as trend setters!

We were thrilled to be mentioned in Mashable’s article "5 Trends Shaping the Future of Social Good." The article cites the success of our Spark for Participant Media’s ‘The Cove’. This oscar-winning documentary documents dolphin slaughter in Japan.
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Mind Boggling Metrics

We recently reviewed all of our metrics to date and came up with an amazing discover: we have an interaction rate of 34%.  If you know your metrics, you know this is off the hook.  Let's break that down.

Interaction Rate

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Ad Agencies Shift Spend to Video

eMarketer article:

Most consider online video more effective than other ads

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