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Looking at 2012: Analysis of Our Metrics Across Client Campaigns

While every campaign is unique and every client has specific goals, we’ve gained some insights over the past year reviewing the success and behavior of the Spark on various platforms across all of our client campaigns.

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Case Study: The Overnight Campaign 2012

Campaign Goals:

For the second year in a row, we created a Spark with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for their annual Out of the Darkness Walk in San Francisco.

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Case Study: Sparks As Rich Media Ads

CWA/Verizon Shareholders Spark Campaign

“We loved using Sparks for our media buy. With an overall 0.07% interaction rate, these [Spark] units performed at roughly the same rate as our Flash and static ads. The value add is that these widgets give supporters the ability to sign the petition, tweet, and share more readily and the fact that we didn't have to pay per impression served is great.” 
  —Evan Moody, Blue State Digital 
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Case Study: Race to Nowhere

Background: is a nonprofit working to mobilize families, educators, and policy makers around
the ever-growing pressures children face in our education system. The centerpiece of their campaign
is the documentary film Race to Nowhere. The film is driving the movement to challenge assumptions
about how to best prepare America’s youth to become healthy, bright and contributing citizen leaders. 


                                                      (Click to view live Spark)

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Case Study: Chrysler's Letters for Lyrics


New Media Strategies was hired by Chrysler to promote their new line of Ram trucks.
Understanding their target audience well, Chrysler decided to partner with the Zac Brown
Band in a campaign to get supporters to write letters to US troops on active duty. The goal
was to generate mass numbers of letters to servicemen and women, and shed light on
Ram Trucks’ participation in the effort.


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Case Study: Feeding America and the Spark Generator

Feeding America brilliantly used Sparks to solve the challenge of every umbrella organization: how to effectively include local chapters in national campaign messaging. The triumph was both a top down and bottom up marketing effort.  

feeding america      hunger action month

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Case Study: Guru Media Solutions and Call2Action - The Perfect Social Media Storm

Our partners at Guru Media wrote up this case study on our Spark campaign. It's a love fest.

Guru Media Solutions and Call2Action: The Perfect Social Media Storm


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Participant Media & Take Part for The Cove



Participant Media’s documentary The Cove uncovers the truth about the horrifying international capture and killing of dolphins. Most people in Japan have no idea that this crime is even happening. The documentary makers went to great lengths to secretly film the slaughter of these magnificent animals. Their goal was to share the story with the world.


A cove in a small seaside village in Taiji, Japan, is just one of the traps used to capture the world’s friendliest creature. Life in captivity is the fate of the most attractive dolphins captured -- the rest are slaughtered for their meat.

With the goal of forcing the Japanese government to stop these brutal murders, The Cove’s producers wanted to share details of this tragedy with the world and enable supporters to spread the word by signing a petition and writing letters to government officials.

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Gasland: A Grassroots Success Story

The Gasland team approached us with a need to get the word out about the film, and the upcoming screenings. They had recently had success at various film festivals but wanted to make sure they could reach a wider audience. We had run a successful campaign for The Cove and were excited to see what a Gasland Spark could do. Unlike The Cove, their footage was not celebrity studded, nor did it have the allure of the dolphin and an Oscar win. So, imagine our joy when a little indie doc with zero star power raced out of the gate in it's first week with 25,559 views and an interaction rate of 51.9%.

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Team Warrior Princess Walks the Talk, and Rocks!

Juliette is the god daughter of a Call2Action staffer, and watching Juliette's strength and courage this year has touched all of us. Her mom sent us this note to let us know how her Spark helped her send OTHER kids with cancer to camp. She really is amazing.

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