The Spark


A Spark is a complete call to action.

By leveraging video, action tools and social media, we remove barriers to participation so people can get inspired AND take action wherever Sparks are posted: on Websites, in the Facebook newsfeed, in blog posts and ad spots, and now via mobile. The result is a seamless user experience,  9x industry standard interaction rates, new supporters and dollars donated. Once Sparks are distributed, new content can be syndicated to all locations simultaneously. That means you can do things like keep constituents informed on your progress towards your goals, respond to current news, release new videos, and more.



For video interviews on the subject, check out our Expert Series.


Action Tools  transform viewers into do-ers.

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New supporters can sign up for your newsletter and you can either export their details or have them automatically populate your CRM. We are currently integrated with Convio's TeamRaiser and Salesforce, and 2Dialog is in the works.


The Geolocator can be used to bring up events or an organization's local chapters and offices based on proximity to the viewer, whether they are viewing on a computer or mobile device. Learn more here.


Supporters can donate via a number of mechanisms, including links to your current donation pages or by entering mobile phone numbers directly into the Spark. We are working towards an integration with Convio's Luminate fundraising tools. Stay tuned!


Multiple campaign videos can be loaded onto the Spark directly from YouTube.


Collect and export names for petition drives, and watch the numbers rise as dynamic data inside the Spark reflects growing support in real time.


Sell tickets and promote events for your organization.


Allow your community to show their support through personal pledges to an organization—the Spark collects names and addresses for your database.


Supporters can easily post to their blog, twitter or Facebook profile, or email the Spark to friends. If you are a Charity Dynamics client, we are integrated with their Boundless Fundraising for Facebook tool.


Twitter feed updates in real time.


The custom tool allows you to add your own copy, image and button link to suit specific campaign activites or goals.


Sharing enables supporters to Spark a movement.