Month: November 2018

Landing Page Elements For A Successful Website

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A good landing page is critically important as it creates the foundation for good rankings and better conversion rates. Today we will discuss some of the most important elements and tweaks that you need to follow to ensure…

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Great landing page design that helps sell your products or services

We have all seen those long, never-ending, one-page sales letter websites which begin with large red letters screaming something obvious, go on to promise the earth, and then try to war you down with a about a dozen…

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Is a FREE eBook ever worth anything?

The web was the first place ever to justify the notion of the ‘free lunch’ making, in its early days, a massive amount of information, programming and experience available for free to a community which was energised, inspired…

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What In The World Is Net Neutrality?

What In The World Is Net Neutrality? I had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking at Search Engine Strategies 2008 in San Jose. The topic?… Dave Davies I had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking at…

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Purchasing a Sewing Machine

Engineering has produced the sewing machine, once a high priced merchandise, incredibly inexpensive for many sewing programs. The only big decisions are deciding upon involving a traditional or embroidery sewing machine and how powerful you necessitate it to…

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Two other emerging technologies that Zing

Voice Recognition Mobile messaging packages Voice Recognition If you have ever used the product Dragon Dictation you would have come to realize that while it has some coolness to it, having to say the words followed by “period….

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