U-Sparks Activate Audiences On and Off Campus

Looking for new ways to actively engage students and alumni online?

Call2Action helps you effectively engage fans (students, family, alumni and supporters) to participate in and spread the word about your fundraising campaigns, events, enrollment and more. Using our Spark, a portable campaign-in-a-box, you can distribute content, give folks a clear action to take, and provide simple ways to share anywhere online, including partner websites, Facebook and mobile. You will see your social network, engagement and success rates grow.



Video Outreach:

Video is the most compelling online catalyst for action, but the window of opportunity is short. We make it easy for viewers to take action immediately, and as a result our interaction rate is 38%, 9x industry standards.




The Self-Service Spark Engine allows our clients to build and modify their own Sparks. You can update your Spark with new content at any time and changes will manifest in all locations simultaneously, allowing you to syndicate new content such as videos, events, news and thanks. Real-time metrics reports allow you to track your progress. Create a Spark in under an hour!



Use the Spark to engage alumni on a deeper level, sharing information and video through their social networks to expand outreach for networking and fundraising campaigns. Action tools include integrations with iModules, Convio and Salesforce. 


Promote those amazing clips from your college teams to build school pride, boost game attendance, and get students to share videos on their social networks.


Sparks are a great way to inspire giving from alumni, parents, and other potential donors on the sites where they are spending their time. Soon to come: the ability to take donations via tablet on the spot through our mobile interface.


Promote campus events with ticket sales, calendar adds, email signups and geo-location tools that allow people to see the events closest to them. And the whole thing is sharable so that friends can easily enlist more friends.                    


“The Spark Engine is incredibly easy to use and Call2Action has been wonderfully responsive and helpful with technical assistance—all around, this has been a great experience, and we're excited to launch.”

      - Becky Schieber, Kansas University Endowment

“Most useful in strengthening relationships, raising awareness of key messaging to partner communities, and centralizing viral content, the Spark widget was easily and effectively shared.”

     - Jared Levy, Guru Media Solutions, UCLA campaign partner

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