Q. What format does the Spark use?

A. We have two versions so that we can be optimized on multiple platforms. We primarily use Flash, one of the most widely accepted formats for online video, and that enables us to be fully functional in the Facebook news feed. But we also use html5, so that Sparks can function on smart phones.  

Q. Why wouldn’t I just use YouTube?

A. YouTube is a tremendous service, and that is why our Sparks house YouTube videos. But YouTube is designed to get people watching more YouTube videos. Sparks are designed to get people to take action, and that is why our interaction rates are so high (9 x industry standards). And why make a video if not to get people to DO SOMETHING?

Some of the advantages of using Sparks along with YouTube are:
• Branding: Your logo and brand colors surround the YouTube player so that there is no doubt about whose campaign it is.
• Functionality: Sparks offer a variety of action tools (join, petition, letter, event etc.). We also offer integrations witih 3rd party services (Salesforce, Convio). 
• Data: Many of our tools allow you to collect people's data (name, email, mobile, zip) if they enter it voluntarily. YouTube will never provide you with that information.
• Metrics: You can pull metrics at any time and learn exactly what is occurring on the sites where your Sparks are posted. You can discover which sites are getting what kinds of actions --your homepage may get the most shares while Facebook gets the most completed video views. Former campaigns have discovered bloggers who got them tens of thousands of new views, and worked with partners who garnered them millions of new impressions. You would never know any of this with YouTube alone.
• Sharing: When people share your video, they are sharing the complete call to action. 

Q. Do you make videos?

A. Yes. We work with a variety of talented production teams to meet any budget. Video needs range from simple, moving slideshows and mini-documentaries to sophisticated, instructional and humorous animations. Email us to discuss the options: info@call2action.com.

Q. Do you help to distribute the Sparks?

A. Yes. We work with some of the leading experts in online PR to ascertain who are the most important bloggers or influencers, as well as groups and forums for a given campaign. Careful messaging, within the context of the existing content, ensures high success rates. Read more on our Distribution and Outreach page and email us to discuss the options: info@call2action.com.